New Photosets are Up! Plus, a few updates 💕

New Photosets are Up! Plus, a few updates 💕


2️⃣ Shower Duo Photoset feat. NeptuneExplainsItAll, 19 photos!


3️⃣ Pink Shibari Lingerie Nude Photoset, 40 photos!



I just shot a new installation to the nerdy trio XXX series with NeptuneExplainsItAll and StephanieMichelle as Xmen with me as the lead (80's Psylocke)! I also reshot Rin Tohsaka, but mostly for a video. Check it out - Available on Onlyfans and Fansly!





I’m working on a new ecommerce website before I update with new merch, like keychains and prints, but I still regularly upload polaroids to my current merch site (fans get the heads up since they sell out very quickly.)


My business cards got an upgrade!!

I include my new business card in any store orders~ Otherwise you can only get them by meeting me at a con 🥰


I've been concentrating a lot on building my YouTube and finally get to bring you along on VLOGs of my travels and conventions! It would mean the world to me if you subscribed, watched, and commented!!

Here's my latest vid!


Speaking of conventions...


In the past two months I've had the opportunity to have a guest booth at both Waifu Expo and Tsumicon! The best part about ramping up my schedules with conventions is meeting all of my fans 🫶 Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to stop by my booth 🥹❤️




Catch me guesting at my next event at Weeb Stop in Houston, TX next weekend- and surprise... I'll be debuting a new cosplay there!



I’m come visit me at Anime Expo where Neptune and I will bring Lilith & Morrigan, and we'll be debuting 2 new cosplays!


Keep up with me on my fan pages (on sale right now!) or socials~



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