Mishamai's November Newsletter

Mishamai's November Newsletter

Hiya friend, I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

I've been enjoying staying home more to spend quality time with friends (like the fun hike I went on with Laura Lux I shared on my Instagram.com/Mishamai) and family. One of my favorite parts of this time of year is goal-setting and planning for the next year and one of my goals will be more model collabs which means more travel in my future. It's very exciting but can be just as expensive so I'm grateful for any and all support you show me whether it's purchasing my work or sharing your favs of mine with others!


1️⃣ Sailor Pluto ft. Sailor Neptune (NeptuneExplainsItAll) Photoset, 30 photos


2️⃣ Lillith Darkstalkers ft. Morrigan (NeptuneExplainsItAll) Photoset, 13 photos



I really got into the swing of daily posting on spicy pages in September and have been doing my best to keep it up since (I may miss a day but make it up in double posting!) I can't wait to start making all the holiday content soon. Come chat with me on OF and Fansly!




Did you see I was invited for the Halloween episode on The Chive Podcast?! You can check it out on their Youtube page here! I even got a tour of the office from the best tour guide!



I had a blast at my first New York Comic Con thanks to Erica Fett, Neptune, and of course everyone that came by to visit! I hope to booth with my friends again next year and for NYCC to be my main East coast convention in 2024! You can see more of my NYC adventures on my travel/irl Instagram page Mishamai_Hime. Here's a pic I took at the Shop Atsuko booth after picking up a Cowboy Bebop hoodie and sweatpants set I've been living in while it gets colder:




I don't have any confirmed events yet but I did put in my application/interest for a couple so keep an eye out for any updates on my Instagram and Twitter.com/mishamai_hime


Keep up with me on my fan pages and socials~ https://msha.ke/mishamai/





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