Mishamai's February Newsletter

Mishamai's February Newsletter

Happy New Year! I know I'm late with this but time sure does fly! How long is too long to leave a fake Christmas tree up? Totally asking for a friend LOL But really, I do love my tree 😍





I've been streaming on Twitch again! My stream schedule is typically Tuesday Thursday at 8pm CST when I'm not traveling- the best way to get stream updates is by joining my discord with alerts on for the Announcements channel.


I also try to send a message on my Instagram broadcast channel if that's more convenient for you. Here are some screenshots to help you find it!


I'm feeling way more motivated to reach my goal of being monetized on Youtube this year so look out for more content there! It would be a huge help to me if you watched some of my videos since all I'm missing is the watch time requirement. I personally read all comments there so let me know what kinds of vids you prefer or want to see!



I recently did a content trip with all my fav girlies (BishoujoMom Juliette Michelle, NepuneExplainsItAll, Stephanie Michelle, and some new ladies too! We made some really amazing cosplay and lingerie content that I can't wait to share more of. There's plenty to see with Lunar New Year and Valentines coming up too! I'm running a rare 50% off sale so get in while you can!


After all the wonderful creative chaos that comes with working with 6 models, multiple photographers, videographers, and even body painters (one was recently won an Emmy!!! WHAT?! So cool!), I'm taking a beach vacay for some fun in the sun. Get ready for the tan line content 😍 (one of my personal favs.)



I'm officially a Gamersupps girlie!! My code gets you 22% OFF the site for a limited time which is the largest I've seen so now's the best chance to show some support if you're interested in trying a yummy way to get your vitamins and supplements in. If there's enough usage of my code, I'll be able to get my very own limited edition Waifu Cup! Maybe even make my own flavor!!




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