Lingerie, Cosplay, and Collabs with your favs 👀

Lingerie, Cosplay, and Collabs with your favs 👀

Howdy y'all 🤠

3 new downloadable photosets have been released on Gumroad! Check them out on at 👀 a little lingerie, a little cosplay, and collabs with your favs!

1️⃣ Lilac Lingerie Nude - 14 Photos

2️⃣ Street Fighters Trio Cosplay Nude Photoset ft. NeptunExplainsItAll & Numi_R , 40 photos!

3️⃣ Chun Li Battledress Nude Photoset, 38 photos!

I’m so happy to announce that my new website is up and running, and there’s lots of new merchandise available (including prints that have never been released!) I'm transitioning a few things so look forward to even more new prints coming veryyy soon! I'll be away for Anime Expo so just know any order put in the next week or so will all be sent out as soon as I can once I'm back!


Bishoujomom Juliette Michele and I had so much fun shooting a new video and photoset as Bowser and Princess Peach and I finally did wet t-shirt content!

Check it out and much more - Available on and 


My business cards got an upgrade (again 😉) Thanks to everyone’s feedback at the cons, I’ve changed the background of my new business cards to make the illustration pop more. 

I include my new business card in any store orders~ Otherwise you can only get them by meeting me at a con 😍


If you’ve been loving my latest vlogs on YouTube, would you share it with a friend? I love to see your comments so let me know if you recognize yourself from my visit to Las Vegas! Check it out at


I'm getting much better at vlogging but I also want to post more sit-down videos so YouTube comments of video requests are greatly appreciated!



Come visit me at Anime Expo where Neptune and I will bring Lilith & Morrigan, and we'll also be debuting 2 new cosplays! Keep an eye on our Instagram stories and posts for the most updated info! 

I'll be debuting my FIRST DAKIMURA at Anime Expo!! The convention will have the first limited stock release at a special price but don't worry, I have more on the way for my merch site! 


One of my long awaited Playboy features finally has a release date in early July!! I've launched my official creator page on and it will have exclusive photoset releases like the ones I shot last week! I'm running a huge launch sale right now if you want to check it out!

Keep up with me on my fan pages (on sale right now!) or socials~


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